Sustainable and
ethical apparel

Beyond making great quality products, we want to positively change how apparel is made.

Our ownership of our facilities and our expertise in making the products we sell allow us to implement leading environment, social and governance (ESG) practices into every stage of the process. This allows us to improve the impacts we have on our people, their communities and the environment where we operate. 

Making Apparel BetterTM… that’s our vision!

Genuine ResponsibilityTM is a social, environmental and governance program that guides how our apparel is designed, made and sold. It is embedded in the decisions we make, the actions we take and the future we envision for our Company across three central pillars:

A commitment to maintaining industry-leading working conditions and labour practices at each of our worldwide locations.
A commitment to the development and implementation of sustainable innovative solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products throughout our entire supply chain.
A commitment to contribute to our communities and have a positive impact by helping them become stronger and more resilient.
96% of our employees are represented by formal Health & Safety Committees
40% of our total energy comes from renewable sources
$2 million donated to local causes in 2018
$2 million donated to local causes in 2018
262,000 free on-site medical visits provided to our employees

2018 Sustainability Report

Read more about our initiatives and results in our 2018 Sustainability Report

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