Latest ESG Report


As a responsible employer, the successful implementation of our social and environmental compliance program at all our geographical hubs is a testament to our commitment to operating responsibly.

Social compliance

Gildan’s auditing and monitoring tools encompass our own social compliance requirements and best practices, but also account for our best practices from major customers as well. These tools include:

  • A facility self-assessment questionnaire
  • Audit guidelines
  • Monitoring guidelines
  • Management interview form
  • Worker interview guidelines
  • Standard audit reporting template
  • Management action plan


Environmental compliance

Environmental audits are conducted to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of our Environmental Management System. These audits help us ensure that our operations are compliant with local laws and regulations, as well as with our own stringent internal standards. We continually strive to identify the root causes of any deficiencies revealed during an audit and to establish a clear corrective action plan to implement sustainable remediation.

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