Ethical labour

Our approach

2020 Highlights

Human rights

We take our responsibility of being an ethical manufacturer seriously. Our longstanding priority has been to enforce and protect the fair treatment of people who manufacture products throughout our entire supply chain. That’s why we are devoted to protecting our people by applying strong human rights principles in the workplace and across our operations. Find out more here.

Living wages

We believe that to support local economies and foster sustainable and inclusive growth, our employees should earn wages that covers both basic needs and provides some level of discretionary income. Gildan approaches wages from a holistic perspective that focuses on the payment of legally established salaries, in-kind benefits, training and development opportunities, and support for community development.

To help ensure that our employees’ salaries and benefits are sufficient to meet their basic needs, we use the FLA’s data-collection tool methodology to help standardize the measurement criteria of wages at factories with comparable benchmarks. We also consider inflation trends related to food and housing, among other issues. In 2020, 100% of Gildan-owned manufacturing factories were evaluated based on the FLA data-collection tool.

Compensation and benefits

Investing in our people is a cornerstone of our success. We want to reward their contributions by providing them with compensation and benefits that create value for them – both professionally and personally. We recognize our responsibility to contribute to a higher standard of living for our employees by offering benefits that help better meet their overall needs, such as free on-site medical clinics, vaccination and medicine programs, parental leave, financial assistance, subsidized meals, and free transportation. Investing in the wellbeing of our employees results in a more engaged, dedicated, and stable workforce, and reinforces Gildan as an employer of choice.

Grievance mechanisms

We have grievance mechanisms in place for our employees, suppliers, and external stakeholders to confidentially report violations or submit complaints. We also maintain open and collaborative relationships with employees to ensure their views are represented at all times. Find the different processes we have in place for grievances below:


Roundtables are organized collaboratively by management and employees to define best practices, identify grievances, and collectively develop action plans for remediation. Roundtables provide the advantage of immediate feedback to any issue raised.

Suggestion boxes

Suggestion boxes allow employees to report their concerns anonymously. These are located on the production floors and cafeterias of our factories globally. Written messages are retrieved from the boxes every month by a regional, non-management employee.


We maintain a strong open-door environment. Anyone can speak up about actual or suspected misconduct without discomfort or fear of retaliation, which helps Gildan solve problems at the source and keep issues from escalating or reoccurring. Reports can be made by calling the Ethics and Compliance Hotline using a local toll-free number or by submitting a message online. This information is kept confidential, consistent with local law, and the need to conduct a thorough investigation.