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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Inclusiveness is part of our culture and is an important element of our success. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy encompasses three key areas:

  • Talent acquisition: Attracting and engaging a diverse pool of candidates, with a focus on female leaders and local talent.
  • Employee development: Maintaining and enhancing and inclusive culture across the Company though training, development, succession planning, talent management and mentorship of diverse top internal talent.
  • Strategic partnerships: Establishing partnerships based on targeted needs, including with professional organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, universities and others that support the socio-economic development of diverse communities.
Compensation & benefits

Investing in our people is a cornerstone of our success, and we want to reward their contribution by providing them with compensation and benefits that create value for them, both professionally and personally. We recognize our responsibility to contribute to a higher standard of living for our employees by offering benefits that help better meet their overall needs, such as free onsite medical clinics, vaccination and medicine programs, parental leave, financial assistance, subsidized meals, and free transportation.

Compensation & benefits

Fair wages

In all areas where our Company’s manufacturing facilities are located, employees earn more than the legally-mandated minimum industry wages. We believe in the idea that employees have the right to compensation for a regular work week that is sufficient to cover basic needs and provide some level of discretionary income.

In order to ensure that the salaries and total benefits offered to employees are sufficient to meet their basic needs, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) has developed a tool which will help to standardize the measurement of living wages at factories and comparable benchmarks. As an active participating member of the FLA, we have agreed to participate in these efforts, having tested the tool in 2018 in 48% of our facilities. In 2019, 94% of Gildan owned manufacturing facilities were evaluated based on the FLA living wage methodology. More information of Gildan’s implementation of the FLA wage data tool can be found in page 22 of Gildan’s FLA Reaccreditation Report 2019.

Competitive benefits

In addition to fair compensation, our manufacturing employees receive many benefits that help to enhance their quality of life such as 24-hour access to free on-site primary care medical clinics, free transportation to and from work, free or subsidized meals in on-site cafeterias, sponsored training and development programs and, in some countries, access to financial aid programs to assist in buying their first home.

Through a number of training and development opportunities available to employees, we provide the vehicles for their continued growth and development. We also offer many opportunities for employees and their families to get involved with their communities through volunteer initiatives and events, increasing their level of engagement with the Company.

Training & development
Training & development

We believe that continuous development is essential to upgrading both technical and professional skills within our workforce. We want our employees to develop the technical, administrative and interpersonal skills they need to take advantage of growth opportunities within the Company. We empower workers by providing them with the chance to upgrade their skill sets and education level through company-offered training programs.

Employee engagement

We know that fostering strong employee engagement creates the best results all around, leading to a culture where employees feel passionate about their jobs and are committed to our success. To ensure we can improve, we look to an embedded human resources strategy that looks to create strong relationships with our employees starts through open and transparent two-way communication, listening to their feedback and acting upon it. We have worker-management committees and/or round tables in most of our facilities which allow employees to share their opinions and contribute to the management of various workplace issues including health and wellness, workplace safety, environment stewardship and more.

Employee rights

We have strictly applied codes and policies designed to protect the rights of employees in our operations and supply chain, including our Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, and Human Rights Policy

Freedom of associations

We fundamentally respect our employees’ rights to freedom of association and their rights to collectively bargain with the Company. In fact currently more than 52% of our employees (27,495) are covered by collective bargaining agreements. As part of the Company’s onboarding training all employees are provided training on our Code of Conduct, employees’ rights and health and safety.

Non-harassment or discrimination

The Company and its business partners will treat every employee with respect and dignity. Our Code of Conduct indicates that no employee will be subject to any kind of harassment, discrimination and abusive behaviour in any form. Employees have a number of grievance mechanisms available to report deviancies from our Code and to confidentially report grievances without the fear of reprisal.

Grievance mechanisms

Organized by the management team and employees to define best practices, identify grievances, and collectively develop action plans for remediation. The frequency of the roundtables varies by region and may be organized on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.


Roundtables are organized by the management team and employees in order to define best practices, to identify grievances, and to collectively develop action plans for remediation. Roundtables provide the advantage of immediate feedback to issues raised. The frequency of the roundtables varies by region and may be organized on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

Suggestion boxes

The goal is to allow employees to report their concerns anonymously. They are situated on the production floor and in cafeterias of our manufacturing facilities globally. Written messages are retrieved from the boxes on a monthly basis by a regional, non-management employee.


The Company’s Integrity and Social Responsibility Hotline is administered by a third-party provider and available to all employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders 24/7, under complete confidentiality and in the language of their choice.

Awareness of grievance mechanisms

Employees need to be aware of the means available to them to report any issues that are in conflict with our Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics. Grievance mechanism training is provided to all employees to inform them of the resources available to them and equip them with the skills to use them effectively .