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Freedom of Associations:
Freedom of Associations:

We fundamentally respect our employees’ rights to freedom of association and their rights to collectively bargain with the Company. In fact currently more than 54% of our employees (26,716) are covered by collective bargaining agreements.  As part of the Company’s onboarding training all employees are provided training on our Code of Conduct, employees rights and health and safety.

Non-harassment or discrimination:
Non-harassment or discrimination:

The Company and its business partners will treat every employee with respect and dignity. Our Code of Conduct indicates that no employee will be subject to any kind of harassment, discrimination and abusive behaviour in any form. Employees have a number of grievance mechanisms available to report deviancies from our Code and to confidentially report grievances without the fear of reprisal.

Integrity and social responsibility hotline:
Integrity and social responsibility hotline:

Providing employees with the necessary tools to provide feedback, declare grievances and recommend improvements is important to the Company. We operate an Integrity and Social Responsibility hotline as an effective tool for reporting alleged violations of our Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Compliance Program and Anti-Corruption Policy. Employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders can anonymously and/or confidentially report any concerns or violations by either calling the Integrity and Social Responsibility Hotline using a local toll-free number or by submitting a report online.

The Hotline is managed by EthicsPoint, a world-class independent company that specializes in handling confidential reporting of workplace and ethical issues and concerns, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offering services in all languages. All reported information is kept confidential and addressed in a timely manner. 

Every quarter, the complaints that have been received are reported to the Board of Director’s Ethics and Compliance Committee, Audit and Finance Committee as well as the Chair of the Compensation and Human Resources Committee.

Grievance Mechanisms

Early identification of employee-related issues is crucial to ensuring compliance with our Code of Conduct, but also to creating an engaging workplace by supporting effective and genuinely open lines of communication between management and workers. This is accomplished through a variety of mechanisms available at all of our administrative offices and manufacturing facilities including:


Roundtables are organized by the management team and employees in order to define best practices, to identify grievances, and to collectively develop action plans for remediation. Roundtables provide the advantage of immediate feedback to issues raised. The frequency of the roundtables varies by region and may be organized on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

Suggestion boxes

Suggestion boxes are one of the grievance mechanisms put in place to allow employees to report their concerns anonymously. They are situated on the production floor and in cafeterias of our manufacturing facilities globally. Written messages are retrieved from the boxes on a monthly basis by a regional, non-management employee. The majority of the concerns pertained to Human Resources matters, operational issues and middle management.


The Company’s Integrity and Social Responsibility Hotline is administered by a third party provider and available to all employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders 24/7, under complete confidentiality and in the language of their choice.

Awareness of Grievance Mechanisms

Employees need to be aware of the means available to them to report any issues that are in conflict with our Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics. Grievance mechanism training is provided to all employees to inform them of the resources available to them and equip them with the skills to use them effectively.  In 2017, grievance mechanism training was provided to a total of 28,812 employees throughout Bangladesh, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, and will continue in 2018. 

Worker-Management Committees

We have worker-management committees in most of our facilities which allows employees to share their opinions and contribute to the management of various workplace issues. In addition to the health and safety committees, other committees have been formed to address specific issues ranging from environmental to health and wellness initiatives.