Our Commitment

2018 Highlights


Cotton is the primary fibre used in our products, representing more than two-thirds of our total fibre inputs. Our Company has selected to primarily purchase U.S. cotton because of its high quality and strong environmental sustainability and social responsibility practices. Sustainably grown and ethically-harvested U.S. cotton remains the optimal choice for our products.

Regulated as a food crop under strict U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, cotton grown in the US represents the best combination of quality and value for our products. Under the guidance of the National Cotton Council, the USDA and various other organizations, US farmers have continuously reduced their environmental footprint by adopting a variety of conservation and targeted agricultural practices.

More than 75% of the cotton acreage where the Company’s cotton is grown is irrigated only using naturally occurring rainwater. Conservation agriculture practices and advanced soil monitoring systems have reduced soil erosion and residual impacts on the environment. GPS positioning and advanced delivery systems allow farmers to be more efficient while planting, fertilizing and harvesting, effectively allowing for a reduction in GHG emissions and environmental impacts on the land and neighbouring ecosystems.

US cotton farmers are required to adhere to strict US labour laws and Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations which are likely the most stringent in the global cotton industry.

Our Position on Uzbekistan Cotton

As a matter of principle, we require all our business partners to confirm, by means of a signed statement, that they do not use or procure any cotton fibre originating from Uzbekistan. In 2013, we established a cotton traceability assessment for our cotton yarn suppliers in order to ensure that yarns supplied did not contain cotton originating from Uzbekistan. As such, we feel confident in stating that there is a low risk of cotton originating from Uzbekistan in any our products.