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2019 highlights

Waste management system

At the heart of the Company’s Waste Management System is the 4R-D concept: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, and Disposal.  This all-encompassing system includes clearly defined policies and procedures that outline our waste classification process, acceptable measures for handling specific waste, site specific information (as relevant), and clearly defined documentation and reporting processes. We comply with all legal requirements with respect to the management of waste in the countries in which we operate.

To ensure our Waste Management System is correctly and thoroughly implemented, our dedicated onsite environmental staff provides comprehensive training sessions to supervisors and production staff while leading initiatives to identify areas for improvement. All facilities have a waste segregation management program for all production processes, including in cafeterias and common areas. This collaborative approach promotes awareness about the importance of waste management within our operations and by our employees.

Sustainable materials

Understanding that sustainable materials play an increasingly important role in our overall product strategies, we use a recycled performance fibre called Repreve® in a number of our brands, and in 2019, we received a ‘Champion of Sustainability’ award from its maker Unifi Fibres for using an amount of recycled polyester that equated to 10 million or more plastic bottles recycled.

Where waste is unavoidable, we look for ways to recycle or reuse, and in some instances, we have found ways to recycle waste from some products into partial inputs of another. 

Clipping recycling program

We recycle 100% of our cutting room scraps in Central America, the Caribbean Basin and Mexico. These textile clips are used in manufacturing new products such as textiles, socks, industrial materials and mops.

Sustainable packaging

As with all of our global environmental initiatives, we are implementing several programs which take sustainability considerations into account . These programs include the following:

  • Boxes reused up to six times for internal shipments
  • Boxes contain 70% recyclable materials
  • Box suppliers use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified raw materials.
  • Boxes optimized for transport to avoid GHG emissions.


Our largest use of packaging comes from the cartons we use to ship the products that we sell to our global network of distributors. These cartons contain recycled materials with more than 70% of the corrugate made with recycled paper. We are currently looking at options to use recycled polyester for several of our inner pack bags.