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Water management
Water management

Our goal is to manage wastewater in the most environmentally conscious way possible. To do this, we have invested in innovative water treatment systems such as our Biotop bio-organic lagoon system and biological reactors. We enforce strict controls on all the effluents discharged from our wastewater treatment plants, including ensuring that we do not discharge water into any protected body of water or wetland. The water that re-enters the local ecosystem is continuously monitored for compliance with local requirements and corporate standards.

In 2019, we reduced our effluent intensity (total effluent volume by kg of production) by 14% when compared to 2015.

Wastewater treatment
Wastewater treatment

Our Biotop is our innovative biological wastewater treatment system. The natural system treats wastewater through a series of interconnected lagoons that contain bacteria which virtually eliminates all dyes and chemicals and uses no incremental energy to process the water. Over a thirty to forty-day cycle, water flows through the system where a variety of bacteria, microorganisms, fish and wildlife coexist to naturally return clean water, ready to sustain life, to the environment. The water that re-enters the local ecosystem is continuously monitored for compliance with local requirements. Our BioTop system is home to over 50 animal species in Honduras and to over 40 species in the Dominican Republic, including crocodiles, fish and several species of native birds.

In the past two years, we introduced a filtering system within the Biotop process to capture the fibre lint within the effluent, which is then repurposed as a fuel stock within our Biomass steam generation systems.


Biological reactor

For effluent that contains specific properties, such as antimicrobial treatments, we alternatively treat the wastewater using biological reactors which work in tandem with the BioTop system to guarantee a continuous and safe wastewater treatment system. This biological oxidation system eliminates all contaminants and returns clean water to the environment