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We seek to ensure our community investment activities are relevant to who we are as a business and aligned with our core values and therefore actively seek programs and partnerships which reflect our corporate values of acting as entrepreneurs, operating responsibility, and believing in our people. To ensure we maximize the impact of our support, we have local teams who manage our investments according to the needs of their respective communities. In 2019, the management overhead cost associated to the Company’s community engagement function was $323,867.

Our areas of focus


We believe that supporting education helps address some of our stakeholders’ most pressing needs. By strengthening the infrastructure, economy and talent of communities in which we work, we contribute to the continued success of both our Company and communities. Through these efforts, we build important, trusting relationships with our local and national stakeholders.

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Active living

We manufacture and market apparel that helps our consumers have an active life. We define active living as a way of life that integrates health, wellness and an active lifestyle into everyday routines and brings communities together through healthy living. We believe we strengthen our communities and our business by supporting programs that encourage health, wellness and physical activity.

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Entrepreneurship is at the very heart of our success.  Entrepreneurship is integrated into our corporate values and how we do business every day. For us, entrepreneurship means employee accountability, seeking continuous improvement, taking pride in the business and contributing ideas to help grow the business. Given our entrepreneurial spirit and expertise as a vertically integrated apparel company, we are able to make a contribution to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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At all operating levels, we know that we operate as part of a greater whole: the environment in which we live and work. This translates into a heightened sense of responsibility to optimize environmental resources and to implement initiatives designed to reduce the impact of our activities on our surroundings.

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Some of our programs

Part of your Life

The "Part of Your Life" program is yet another way that we address local community needs in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The "Part of Your Life" program invites our employees in these three countries, to provide ideas for community projects they would like the Company to be involved in. Relationships are also established with local and municipal authorities, local charities or education and health-related institutions, in order to identify other projects where we could bring an added value that would benefit the whole community.

Young Sustainability Leaders

The “Young Sustainability Leaders” program allows us to transform lives through education. The program seeks to inspire and empower students to be the next generation of social and environmental entrepreneurs.

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We encourage employees to pursue their personal interests and to support causes that are meaningful to them. In this way, our employees contribute to diverse causes by getting involved in and tackling issues that affect people, their communities and the environment. We also facilitate employee-led volunteering activities in all our manufacturing locations worldwide.