Local development

Our approach

2020 highlights

Supporting local suppliers

Wherever and whenever possible, we make sure to source from local suppliers. This allows us to create value for a wide variety of local businesses, and, in turn, allows us to reduce transportation costs and lead time. During the COVID-19 pandemic the benefits of this models were further reinforced because it allowed us to:

  • Reduce supply chain disruption
  • Provide a faster response on services and goods
  • Facilitate access due to proximity
  • Expediate issue resolution
Thinking globally, managing locally

We believe that it is essential to fill leadership positions in our factories and regional offices with local talent wherever possible. We have always emphasized putting in place a well-educated and highly motivated local management team at each of our operating locations. We believe that this is the best way to ensure alignment with our employees' cultural, social, and economic needs and the communities where we operate.