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Local suppliers
Local suppliers

We proudly support the communities in which we operate, often going well beyond simply creating employment in our facilities. Our significant investments have created construction and service jobs during the building of new facilities, full time employment positions once the facilities are operational and significant local procurement of raw materials, trims and supplies to satisfy the production volumes required to supply these large-scale facilities.

We have created many business opportunities by adopting local procurement practices. We have witnessed the growth of supply chain ecosystems in the regions where we operate that go beyond the typical raw materials, trims and accessory suppliers into areas such as educational and technical training, medical services, transportation, construction, maintenance and food services.

Over the years, as Bangladesh, Central America and the Caribbean basin developed into an important textile and apparel hub, several key suppliers have established operations in the vicinity, resulting in significant economic benefits to the region.

Local talent

We have always put an emphasis on putting in place a well-educated and highly motivated local management team at each of our operating locations. We believe that this is the best way to ensure alignment with the cultural, social and economic needs of our employees and the communities where we operate.

Our priority is to favour local talent for leadership positions in our facilities. We have implemented extensive training and development programs for our employees, providing them with opportunities to develop and grow within the Company.