October 30, 2020

Manufacturing Unveiled: Distribution at Gildan

This article is part of a series dedicated to walking readers through the steps behind Gildan’s t-shirt-making process. View the entire series here.

After t-shirts have been sewn and inspected for quality during step three, they are finally ready to be packaged and distributed to customers, designers, and brands all around the globe.

The distribution journey begins after t-shirts have been carefully boxed. Inside of their designated boxes, they are sent on a journey to one of Gildan’s company-owned or third-party distribution centres. These centres store, sort, and effectively dispatch palettes of products to customers around the world.

Gildan's Rio Nance distribution centre

This phase marks the end of Gildan’s t-shirt-making journey, serving as the final frontier before t-shirts travel across borders to reach the shelves, homes, and hands of customers all around the world.

To learn more about manufacturing at Gildan, visit the Company’s website to see behind-the-scenes footage, or follow Gildan’s Instagram account dedicated to transparently showing viewers how the Company operates.